Two of the Best in French Alps Skiing

During the winter season, skiing is one of the main sources of enjoyment for some, especially those who want to have experience a significant amount of adrenaline running through his or her veins. It is a dangerous activity; however, enthusiast and those who are really interested in doing it does not care of its safety as much as others thought they should.

When talking about skiing, France is one of Europe’s leading destinations. This can be attributed mainly to the kind of Alps that are located within the borders of the country. According to survey, the Alps in France are the largest in the continent which may have contributed to its popularity among the public.

As tourists you only want the best in what you intend to find. Information about the different Alps will help you choose which among those available in France is best suited for what you are interested in.

Les Portes du Soleil is the northernmost area of France which arguably is considered to be the best in the Alps skiing business because of two resorts – Avoraiz and Morzine. The former has been established as the snow boarding capital of the country which in itself becomes the reason why Les Portes du Soleil became one of the best in the business. Morzine on the other hand became popular among skiing individuals because of the facilities they made for beginners making it a good place to learn how to ski.

In addition, Les Portes du Soleil may also be the most visited place when individuals would like to ski the Alps in France because of its location. Most of its resorts are located at a 1,000 meter altitude which makes it the ideal place to have an exhilarating skiing experience.

Chamonix-Megeve lies at the southern part of the Alps and is very popular because it is the area which offered the very first skiing experience that is made available to the public. Chamonix is the pioneer in the ski resort industry and it has been long established as one of the best; however, it has grown to be very expensive throughout its tenure.

On the other hand, Megeve offers the largest Alps area across France which means that more individuals are able to ski all they want. They do not have to fear not having any space when they wake up too late or decide to ski at a later time than most individuals. With its size, guests are assured that they can ski as much as they want no matter what time it is. Of course, this does not apply to evenings because that would be too dangerous.

The only drawback that the region may have is its location, which is at the foot of the mountain. This does not say much when it comes to adrenaline pumping action compared to the first region mentioned.

As tourist, you would only like the best in everything that you do and that is why you should be well informed with regards the best in what you plan on doing. This gave you two of the best. Now, it is up to you to choose.   

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